Pioneer Rental Management, Inc.

Rental Policies

Reservations can only be made by adults over the age of 21.

Check in: After 3:00 P.M.

Check out: 10:00 A.M.

Payment: Please be aware full payment for your rental must be received in our office at least Seven (7) days prior to your check-in date, full payment will include reservation fee, taxes and any other applicable fees. You may pay with a check, money order, Visa or MasterCard. Please make sure your reservation number, name on reservation and dates are indicated on the check or money order for proper credit. If pay with check or money order, a valid credit card number must be given to keep on file. For any reservation that is made less than seven days prior to check-in, in full will be charged to a valid credit card. All advance prepaid rents are placed into an escrow account for Pioneer Rental Management, Inc. This may or may not be an interest bearing account. Interest accrues to the Agent. Policies and rates are set at time of booking.

Check out Procedures: Please turn Ac on 80 degrees when you are checking out during the summer months. Turn the heat to 62 degrees in the winter months. Please do not turn off Heating/Air units when your stay is over. Please put all trash out containers that have been provided. Do not leave dirty dishes. Make sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving. After inspection if extra cleaning is required you will be charged the appropriate fee on the credit card that has been provided by the name on reservation.

Lost and Found: Pioneer Rental Management, Inc will not be responsible for any personal property that gets left behind, stolen or damaged during your stay. Please do not leave valuables or items that are important to you unattended, such as cash, wallets, jewelry, cameras, laptops, etc. If you get home and find you have left behind, call our office and we will try to locate the missing item(s). If we are able to locate the item(s) it will be returned to you COD plus a $20 handling fee. Any items we find that go unclaimed for more than 14 days will be disposed of or given to charity.

Damages and thefts perpetrated on our clients' cabins are taken very seriously. Inspections and photos are made before and after each guests stay. In the case of damages, theft or extra cleaning, you will be notified by mail of any and all extra fees that have been charged to the credit card on file. Any disputes need to be submitted to the office in writing only.

Cancellations can only be requested by the guest named on the rental agreement either in verbal or written form. A $75.00 cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card file for all confirmed reservations that are canceled. 1 & 2 Bedrooms must cancel prior to arrival date, 3 bedrooms and up must cancel 30 days prior to arrival date for a refund. There is no charge for changing reservation dates. However, a date change must be done in same time frame as our cancellation policy. There will be no refunds no shows, bad weather, late arrivals or early departures.

Weather conditions can change very quickly in our Great Smoky Mountains. So please plan your trip accordingly in the winter months, a 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommended. You can call (1-800-342-3258) ahead for road conditions. Although our weather is usually fine in the winter months it is best to always be prepared, you should bring flashlights (with new batteries), extra food, drinking water and tire chains for your vehicle. During periods of heavy snow fall Pioneer Rental Management, Inc reserves the right to cancel or transfer your reservation. Also please be aware Pioneer is under no obligation to provide any form of transportation.

Power outages are not usually a problem but do occur, please do not call the office. Call Sevier County Electric System at 453-2887 directly from the cabin phone to report an outage. The electric companies' automated service recognizes the number you are calling from and will result in faster repair service.

Utility Services & Internet: All of our homes have local telephone service, some offer FREE long distance, and some offer High Speed Internet. Refer to the individual property on our web site to determine what specific services are offered. Services as water, telephone, electric, cable and internet are not guaranteed at all times. There will be no refunds for interruptions due to circumstances we cannot control.

ALL UNITS ARE NON-SMOKING: Smoking is permitted on decks only. Please be accountable and dispose of cigarettes appropriately remember you are in the mountains; don't be responsible for a forest fire.

Pets must be crated when you are not occupying the cabin. There is a $50.00 fee per animal per stay. There is a 25 lb. limit, unless otherwise noted on your reservation. The person who signed the rental agreement will be financially responsible for any and damages or extra cleaning due to pets. Pets are allowed in pet friendly cabins only. Please notify the check-in agent when making your reservation how many and what kind (dog/cat) of pets will be joining you. If it is discovered upon our inspection after your departure pets were allowed in the cabin and we were not notified prior to your stay the $50.00 fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

Hot Tubs: After each stay, the hot tubs get drained, cleaned, sanitized, refilled with water and chemicals to prepare them for the next guests stay. Hot tub temperatures have been preset for you and your families' safety. Hot tub temperatures should not be set above 103 degrees. Using any hot tub presents with it some serious risks. Please follow some simple common sense rules! Do not sit, stand or jump on hot tub lids, they are very expensive, if a person in your party damages the hot tub lid it will be charged to your credit card. Do not leave the lid off when the hot tub is not in use. Please do not leave children or pets unattended around the hot tub and do not drink alcoholic beverages while in or around the hot tub. Do not use any kind of body, bath oils or bubble bath products in the hot tub.

Cabin Supplies: We provide a "Starter Kit" of supplies, such as garbage bags, toilet paper, soap, paper towels, coffee filters, dishwasher detergent and dish soap. If your stay is longer than a couple of nights you will need to pack extra supplies. Your will also be supplied with bed linens and towels, and a fully Television, cable/satellite, VCR/DVD, charcoal or gas grill, gas/wood fireplace (firewood is furnished in season), telephones, central heat and air, and washer/dryer. Please refer to the individual cabins on the web site or call if you have any questions about a specific unit.

Longer stays/helpful list of things to pack: Trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, (salt & pepper), bath soap, coffee and coffee filters, Charcoal for grill, fire starter fireplace during winter months. Laundry detergent, aluminum foil, and an iron (some units contain irons and ironing boards), hair dryer and bottled water. You might want bring paper plates, cups and other disposable items, if you do not want to wash dishes.

Insects: Each of our properties is treated by a licensed pest control company on a regular basis. It is not unusual to find bees, spiders or other insects in and around the cabins. Please understand you are in the mountains, and there may be on occasion an uninvited guest. There will be no refunds given for visits from these "uninvited guests".